To ensure the effective execution and advancement of our work, All.Can international is organised into working groups created on a needs basis to match the programme of activities.

Current working groups

All members of All.Can are invited to participate and actively contribute to the All.Can working groups.

Research and evidence

The Research and Evidence Working Group plays a strategic role in identifying, developing, and supervising the execution of new research projects to support All.Can’s goal of generating robust evidence to inform cancer policies locally and globally. It uses research and evidence to constantly refine and update the definition and measurement of cancer care efficiency and support the external engagement and dissemination activities of All.Can.

Working Group Co-Chairs:

  • Christobel Saunders, University of Western Australia
  • Matthew Hickey, The Health Value Alliance

Public affairs

The Public Affairs Working Group determines All.Can’s external engagement activities, explores strategic partnerships, and defines its advocacy actions and communications with a view to engaging stakeholders and driving policy change.

Working Group Co-Chairs:

  • Adela Maghear, European Cancer Patient Coalition
  • Agnieszka Krukowska – Van Handenhove, Johnson & Johnson

National initiatives

The National Initiatives Working Group aims to facilitate collaboration between All.Can’s national initiatives with a view to exchanging and promoting expertise and promoting best practice, creating multinational projects, and strengthening All.Can’s global presence through greater engagement and thought-leadership.

Working Group Co-Chairs:

  • Sara Martin, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Alex Filicevas, World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition