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The Annual Report “All.Can at 6” now available

All.Can’s Annual Report “All.Can at 6” is now available for download. The Annual Report of All.Can presents the initiative’s achievements and milestones during its sixth year of existence, with three of the main highlights including 1) the release of the “Efficiency Metrics in Cancer Care”…

All.Can International’s CEO to speak at “European Beating Cancer Plan: 2 Years on” Event

All.Can International’s CEO, Eduardo Pisani, will speak at the upcoming “European Beating Cancer Plan: 2 Years On” event organised by Istituto Romagnolo per lo Studio dei Tumori “Dino Amadori” in…

Press Conference – Presentation of white paper “Policy Recommendations for the development of a National Cancer Care Plan in Greece”

All.Can Greece organized on 30 January 2023 a press conference in Athens for the presentation of the results of the White paper, entitled “Policy Recommendations for the Cancer Care Control…

All.Can Poland publication of report “Diagnosis of changes in oncological care in 2022” – January 2023

Diagnosis of changes in oncological care in Poland Periodically published document “Diagnosis of changes in care oncology” is a collection of information on systemic changes implemented in Poland in the…

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Since All.Can was established, its work has gained coverage in a number of magazines, websites and newspapers.

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The All.Can international blog features guest posts from leading figures in cancer care across Europe.

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Explore the All.Can international newsletter archives, dating back to the first issue from March 2017.

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