All.Can International is pleased to announce that InoMed – the Centre for Innovation in Medicine has recently joined the multistakeholder organisation.

InoMed is a European research and innovation non-governmental organisation, with an interest in innovative health policies, communication and civil society education. Its mission is to shorten the time between the emergence of innovations and their application for the benefit of the citizens.

InoMed develops programmes to educate, inform and engage all audiences about innovation in medicine in an attempt to create a friendly environment for early adoption of innovative technologies, ideas, products and services, serving as an independent platform for informed dialogue between all stakeholders in the field of cancer, omics medicine, personalised (precision) medicine, digital health, data oncology, immuno-oncology, cancer research, biotechnology, systems biology and other hot scientific topics. 

InoMed’s projects revolve around innovation, genomics, personalised healthcare and citizens. The organisation has conducted several projects in the area of cancer, such as surveying citizens on perceptions, attitudes and behaviours in relation to cancer and making recommendations to policymakers, as well as making the theme of personalised medicine in cancer a priority on the public agenda by engaging with decision makers, members of the professional medical societies, patients and other stakeholders.