All.Can International is pleased to announce that Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) has recently joined the multistakeholder organisation.

Lung Cancer Europe is the voice of people living with lung cancer and their families with lung cancer at European level. LuCE provides a European platform for lung cancer patient advocacy associations and networks and supports the establishment of national lung cancer patient groups in those European countries where such groups do not yet exist.

LuCE’s vision is that all Europeans impacted by lung cancer will have equity in access to optimal care so that they have the best possible outcomes and quality of life. Its work revolves around three key pillars: awareness, advocacy and education. Its objectives are to (i) increase access to early and accurate diagnosis of lung cancer, (ii) to improve equity of access to optimal lung cancer treatments and care, (iii) to strengthen the lung cancer patient voice (iv) to destigmatize the disease by changing the narrative around lung cancer and (v) to grow a strong and sustainable organization.

LuCE’s objectives align with All.Can’s goal to deliver efficient cancer care. All.Can’s goal to focus on what really matters to people impacted by cancer and society, threads through all of the work that the organisation does, and underlines the many commonalities between LuCE and All.Can.

The group of dedicated individuals can bring the European lung cancer perspective into All.Can’s work – across the entire pathway from presentation to diagnosis to care. LuCE also has expertise in developing and delivering patient driven research through surveys and projects, and is interested in cancer care efficiency, as this will help deliver better quality cancer care. Given the complexity of lung cancer and issues with accessing biomarker testing and innovative treatments, LuCE is also interested in collaborating on ‘data’ as this can help inform real world data.