The All.Can Spain initiative has revealed the results of its first two working group sessions, which took place in July and September 2018.

The summary report from the sessions presents 36 inefficiencies in cancer care in Spain, which were proposed in a previous study on the Burden of Cancer in Spain. The working group discussed and prioritised these inefficiencies in relation to gains in patient health outcomes and the feasibility of reducing or eliminating them from cancer care management in Spain.

The inefficiencies were also prioritised according to the time required to address them. This refers to the possibility of reducing or eliminating an inefficiency in the short term (less than two years) or long term (more than two years), considering feasibility and gains in patient health outcomes.

The prioritised inefficiencies were then classified depending on the resources needed to address them. The three classifications were: inefficiencies that can be addressed by the working group; inefficiencies whose solutions the working group can support; and inefficiencies that would require a multi-stakeholder approach.

To find out more, download the summary and annexes.